Friday, October 8, 2010


Welcome to my blog! I live in a small town in regional Australia. It’s a great community with lots of artists, a beautiful view of the mountains and some seriously good swimming holes.

I paint contemporary abstracts and have had solo exhibitions in Melbourne and in the Gippsland Regional Gallery as well as many group shows. I work full time but try to get into my studio every week – this is always easier if there is a deadline looming! I have also started playing around with photography and textiles.

I recently established a business with my husband making furniture, sculptures and lots of gorgeous things. We are still working on the website but check it out here:

My day job is with a not-for-profit arts organisation helping other artists to realise their visions through project management advice, community arts projects, and funding assistance. Through this I have been lucky enough to meet some incredibly talented artists and work across many artforms: visual, performance, sculpture, textile, theatre, installations, music, dance and community cultural development. The people I have met in this field are a constant source of inspiration and joy.

Through this blog I want to share some of this with you. I will be looking at other artists that I admire, and sharing with you some exciting community arts projects. I will show you my paintings - both finished ones and works in progress and try to provide insight into the way they develop - I won’t be looking at technique so much as inspiration and process. And … I will often digress!  Enjoy the ride!
Oh! One more thing. Most of the images shown here can be purchased as cards, prints or calendars at redbubble. Originals can be purchased through my website.

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